1) Protect your hearing !

Using earphones in general can be harmful to your ears. Increased sound pressure levels can cause permanent and irreversible damage (such as tinnitus), hearing loss or deafness. 

When using Executive Audios products, you are responsible to adjust listening levels to safe and comfortable levels.

Executive audio is not responsible nor liable for any damage from using Executive Audio products to users hearing abilities. 

Check out the WHO's recommendation on safe listening and hearing protection. Here is a sound pressure reference.

2) Be aware of your environment !

Executive Audios in-ear phones offer the possibility of noise isolation, blocking a substantial amount of ambient / environmental noise. Caution is advised when moving around with EA earphones.

You should not wear in-ear phones while ...

- driving a car, riding a motor- / bike, flying a plane, helicopter, piloting a ship or any other vehicle in the elements. 

- skiing / snowboarding 

- operating machines 

- handling potentially harmful substances

Executive Audio declines any liability from damages resulting from misusing EA earphones. 

3) Manufacturing variance

EA earphones are handmade. Some parts are 3D printed. Although great care is taken in selection of materials and manufacturing processes that are carried out by EA or by third parties, small variations (such as in colour, dimension and materials used) from item to item can occur. Such variations don't mean any decrease in quality or performance. All earphones are tested / inspected several times during manufacturing to ensure proper function.  

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