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Here's why you should buy one:

1) hand-made in Switzerland

2) ergonomic design compatible also with small ears and ear canals

3) superb sound quality

4) good noise-isolation 

5) high-quality

6) customizablity

7) interchangeable cables

Regular Price for standard package is 220 EUR / 250 USD / 250 CHF. 

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 Customizability | Top

One of the features that sets EA IEMs apart is the possibility to customization your IEMs and accessories. There are several customizable features which will be available at additional costs versus the standard model:

1) IEM shell colour and materials

The standard shell "colour" is translucent and biocompatible plastic. 

Check out our shell colours and materials.

We also offer metal shells.

2) outer shell form

EA IEMs shells are 3D printed. This offers the advantage the outward facing part of the shell can be modified according to customer preference. Not everything is possible in terms of outer dimensions (the IEM will still need to fit into your choncha..). contact us at  if you plan to 

3) cables

please check out our Cables section for detailed information. 

Standard package

- is a translucent unmodified shell with two sets of foam based ear tips

- a high quality black cable with integrated microphone

- a sturdy carry case

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