1) Material: all biocompatible plastic shell

Shells are coloured on the inside. You can choose wether to colour the entire shell (outside and inside facing) or only one of them.

The following colours are currently readily available (others on request)

- white

- black

- yellow

- orange

- violett

- dark gold

See below picture section on how they look like in natural light.


2) Material: metal outer shell

we have successfully created an external shell made of solid jewelry silver (also known as Sterling silver; 93% silver content) picture below. Other metals (copper, brass) and an all metal shell will be tested soon. Yes, gold (white, yellow and red) is also possible but we havent had the play money yet to create a couple of shells. Titanium, steel and aluminum are theoretically available but the corresponding printing modes currently don't allow a high detail reproduction and for that reason we don't recommend those. 


Picture section

Plastic shells


Metal shell


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