About me

Hi my name is Philipp and a I am a self taught earphone designer and maker.

Several years ago, I listened to a lot of music while commuting. I bought many different earphones, but I could not really find one that suited me well. So, I decided to make one myself, with background in science and hobby electronics, and a rapidly growing array of prototyping and manufacturing services.

I ventured into subjects such as acoustics, material science, CAD design, 3D printing, PCB design and building up experience by plain trial and error. I ended up investing quite a lot CHFs, building a parts supplier base and finally created my first earphone, which I dubbed "the Polymorph". Because it sounded very good right off the bat and was a great ergonomic format, I start making it for family and friends. Since then I have build a couple of dozen earphones, each one with a different design. The feedback was very encouraging so I am continuing to build and develop.

executive.audio is not a company but a serious hobby besides my day job. With a steady income I can focus on making great sounding, high quality, bespoke earphones for my customers at a reasonable price. At the moment I have no plans to mass produce. I love to innovate, be creative try new stuff and being able to learn and to master the entire development and manufacturing process to make high quality products for my customers.  

Sounds interesting? Get a unique, great sounding earphone yourself..

Send me a message at info@executive.audio or through the contact form.

Thanks for visiting and talk to you soon.