The Polymorph

Great sound from an ergonomic customizable earphone.

As its name suggests the Polymorph platform can be customized into many different appearances.

In the past, I have done many different versions made of plastic, metal, carbon fibre, gold plated, in different colors, with glitter etc.

Key features
  • Great sound
  • customizable
  • Ergonomic
  • Fits small ears and narrow ear canals
  • great price
  • replaceable cables (2-pin and MMCX)


- Premium Knowles Acoustics dual balance armature drivers with passive crossover
- popular sound signature with light bass emphasis.
- 50 - 15 kHz frequency response
- <1% distortion in audible range
- ergonomic design 
- biocompatible resin coating
- 3D printed shells components