My way and my values

All my earphones are customized and hand made. This implies a lot of attention to details, good communication with the customer and well established processes.

My core values are quality, transparency and trust. Sounds quite Swiss, doesn't it?.

Selection of materials: I take great care in the selection of materials, both for fitness to purpose as well as safety perspective. As earphones are in contact with skin, materials used needs to be of appropriate quality to avoid complications, particularly in the ear canal.

Development process: I am following a dedicated development process as described in the "ugly prototypes" section.

Quality control: While building an earphone, I perform various non-destructive in process control tests and tests on the final product to assure proper functionality of the product before I send it on.

Suppliers and shipments: I aim to establish longterm relationships with parts and service suppliers (such as driver suppliers or local 3D printing companies).

Environmental impact: As I source parts from all over the globe, I try to minize shipments and source locally to minimize environmental impact where possible.

Measurement equipment and testing: I can't afford yet a GRAS, Audio precision Audio analyzer or similar testing environment which can cost >10 kEUR each (even used ones). Thus, I have built low cost testing equipment environment that gives me sufficient precision for development and QC testing. In absence of precision calibrated instruments I rely on relative measurements, rather than absolute values. For each platform I establish averaged values to compare against.