customize your earphone

Tired of black, white or grey and standard products? Executive Audio is about customization to your needs. Get inspired below about Polymorph or Quantum Bit customization options below and use the form below to send me your design. Usually it takes a phone call to to make sure what your wishes and requirements are.

Costs: while some customization are included in the price (e.g. colour, some cables), final price will depend on your wishes and accessories you want to choose. I will provide a complete and transparent cost overview for you to review before ordering. 

Earphone customization form

Customization options Polymorph

SOUND signature

Polymorphs standard is dual driver balanced armature configuration with low distortion and a balanced sound signature suitable for most music or voice calls
- Some may prefer certain emphasis (like bass or treble emphasis.)
- other driver types: single BA drivers, dynamic drivers -> please inquire)


3D printed resin coated with a biocompatible resin matrix.
- 3D printed metals: many options are possible but many metals are too heavy (e.g. gold). Below are some I tried in the past
steel ($$, heavy), silver ($$), titanium ($$$)
- gold plating
- composite materials such as carbon fibre are currently in development.


Shells are 3D printed and thus the possibility to attach bespoke forms to the earphone. The earphone surface is rather small with a bit more than 1 cm2, thus not all designs are possible or very visible. Initials are a great idea for example. Ask me if you consider this option or if you have 3d file. .


no colour, semi/transparent shell
optional: many different transparent or opaque colours, including fillers such as pigments or glitter particles and combinations of the above are possible


a sturdy black cable, with inline microphone from a third party.
I can either build a cable for you or source a compatible third party cable according to needs.


- a sturdy carry case is included in the price.
- a standard set of foam or silicone eartips
any additional accessories, such as e.g. bluetooth receivers/ amplifiers, DACs, different eartips.